Encouraging, Living, Reaching

April 5, 2017

Shane Johnson

For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. Hebrews 11:2

No life of faith can be lived in a vacuum. People are bound to take notice. Most importantly, God Himself takes notice. By faith the men and women of the Old Testament obtained a good testimony, and by faith you and I are encouraged to do the same. First of all, we obtain a good testimony from God – and His is the testimony that matters. Listen carefully to what was said of Abel: through faith
he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts …͟(Heb.11:4). God vouched that Abel was righteous and His vote is the only vote that counts.
Secondly, the obtained a good testimony in the eyes of men. Even though the ancients are dead, they, like Abel, still speak to us today (Heb.11:4). The way they lived their lives counted for all eternity. Not only their own generation but how many other generations have been inspired to live lives of faith because these men and women lived out theirs?
May God use our lives to speak to those around us – to our children, our peers and to those who will live an hundred years from now.