Encouraging, Living, Reaching

February 15, 2017

Hanniel Ghezzi

Then David took hold of his clothes and tore them, and so did all the men who were with him. And they mourned and wept and fasted until evening for Saul and for Jonathan his son and for the people of the Lord and for the house of Israel, because they had fallen by the sword. 2 Samuel 1:11-12

  • Jonathan pursued the Philistines when Saul wouldn’t (1 Sam. 14)
  • Samuel killed Agag when Saul wouldn’t (1 Sam. 15)
  • David killed Goliath when Saul wouldn’t (1 Sam. 17)

In the end, the only life Saul was credited with taking was his own (1 Sam. 31:4). Saul had many enemies but ultimately, he was his own worst enemy. When once spiritual leaders reject God’s appointment, He will raise up spiritual men to glorify Him.