Encouraging, Living, Reaching

March 27, 2017

Andrew Brown

Behold I send My messenger before Your face, who will prepare Your way before you. Mark 1:2

Surely this is a call to John the baptizer who like the prophets proclaimed he would prepared the way of the Lord. At the same time I was meditating on this in light of the vineyard parables of the Lord Jesus as in Mark 12. The vineyard owner sent messengers and then his son. The Lord sent His messengers and then His Son. It occurred to me the sending of a divine messenger should have had a wholly different effect on the people of Israel. Joshua seeing the commander of the Lord’s army, he fell on his face. Ahab, in 1 Kings 22 has a very different reaction to a divine word of warning. Still, not only did God send His messengers, He sent His Son! His only Son, for us to hear. “This is my beloved Son, hear Him!”

Father, help me to hear Your Spirit. Help me to hear Your Son. Help me to hear Your still small voice and obey.