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Mental Health

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If you would like to host a seminar at your church please send an email to assemblyhub@gmail.com and we will discuss details.

Mental Health and the Believer Seminar

The goal of this special one day seminar is to facilitate an open discussion for the purpose of bringing a solid biblical hope to those who suffer from mental illness and give insight to those who are helping others who suffer. We encourage all to attend and learn more about this often neglected subject.

The format will be lecture style with open discussion and Q&A. Two people will share their testimonies as well.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic no participant will be required to share any personal stories or experiences. It wil be entirely up to each individual how much they share if at all. We want all who attend to feel comfortable to speak or just listen. There will be no pressure.

Seminar Speaker: Eddy Plett

Eddy's longing is to edify the Church by helping believers overcome personal struggles to be all that the Lord wants them to be. Call Eddy for more information: 289-407-7957

Seminar Details

No seminars are currently scheduled.