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TBT – Seeking After Souls

TBT – Seeking After Souls
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This article was written by R.M. McCheyne and published in “Assembly Testimony”, September-October 1957. It was written before 1843!

You could seek the salvation of others. If you have really been brought to Christ and saved, then you know there is a hell. You know that all the unconverted around you are hastening to it; you know there is a, Saviour, and that He is stretching out His hands all the day long to sinners.

Could you do more to save sinners than you do? Do you do all you can?

You say you pray for them; but is it not hypocrisy to pray and do nothing ? Will God hear these prayers ? Have you no fears that prayers without labours are only provoking God? You say you cannot speak, you are not learned. Will that excuse stand in the judgment? Does it require much learning to tell fellow sinners that they are perishing ?

If their house was on fire, would it require much learning to wake, the sleepers?

Begin at home. Could you not do more for the salvation of those at home? If there are children or servants, have you done all you ca,n for them? Have you done all you can to bring the truth before them, to bring them under a living ministry, to get them to pray and give up sin?

Do you do what you can for your neighbours? Can you pass your neighbours for years together, and see them on the broad way, without warning them? Do you make a full use of tracts, giving suitable ones to those that need them?

Do you do anything in Sunday Schools? Could you not tell little children the way be saved? Do you do what you can for the world? The field is the world.


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