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TBT – Words About Career

TBT – Words About Career
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This article was written by an anonymous author in the form of a letter and published in “The Christian Worker”, January 1934.

Dear John,

Accept my congratulations on your success in the examinations as well deserved. Let your achievements be an incentive to harder work. But I had even greater pleasure when I learned that you were thoughtful about the service of the Master. There is no other service like it.

Yet it saddens one to see so many young men with splendid ability and unrestricted opportunity devoting so little of their time and talents to the noblest of all work, the promotion of the cause of Christ and the furtherance of the Gospel.

My prayer for you is that neither the fascination of secular studies nor the call of worldly ambition will be strong enough to divert you from the path that pleases God and the labour that brings eternal reward.

The dangers of student and professional life are not imaginary; they are real – not a whit to be underestimated in comparison with those of the artisan or the commercial man. We are all tempted to promote personal interests first and in that lie all the hindrances to growth in grace and godliness.

Let no subsidiary ambition divert you from the claims of your studies. Put your whole mind to them. Even in that we may be examples. God hates laziness. Remember the sacrifice your parents are making. By diligence in study you are equipping yourself mentally for your future life.

Still it is true that “God has a plan for every man,” and who knows but now He may be preparing you for some definite service. Keep that end ever in view. Allow God to shape your life purposes; let Him mark out your path. It may be one of obscurity; it may be one of publicity. Where, matters nothing; if your obedience pleases Him.

My final advice to you is to make these words the motto of your life :

“Take my intellect and use
All my powers as Thou wilt choose.”

May the Lord bless you,
Uncle Jim

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