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The Wind

The Wind
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This morning my reading was in the book of Jeremiah. It’s a hard book to read as it deals with the destruction of Judah for not obeying the word of the LORD. Jeremiah minces no bones and deals straight forth with the sin, though it is hard for him and he struggles with all of it. He is known as the Weeping Prophet.

He brings the wind out of His treasuries. Jeremiah 10:13

But in the midst of all this, I found the above statement. Now as for me the wind is usually troublesome. It blows things away that I want. It can be so severe it knocks over trees or light poles and causes immense damage. It can keep a person up during the night from the howling it makes. There are times when it is so hot that a gentle breeze is welcome, but most of the time, I can do without it. BUT …

He brings the wind of out of His treasuries.

I have NEVER looked at the wind as being a part of the treasuries of God. It’s a rainy day in our little town today and the wind has been blowing, not hard, but enough to get a breeze going through the house. This is a part of the treasuries of God.

My devotional reading from Let’s Take a Walk Together said this about God:

Just as parents protect and defend their own children, nothing can reach the child of God without having to first pass through our Almighty Defender and then through our Advocate. Parents comfort and reassure; the Holy Comforter works from within, settling our fears and re-routing our misguided thoughts.

Our God works in our lives for our good, but ultimately for His glory. He cares for me as a child, and yet I find myself rebellious and stubborn. How much of the treasuries of God am I missing because I am so focused on me?

He brings the wind out of His treasuries.

As I watch the wind gently moving the leaves in the trees, I am struck that He did this for me… out of His treasuries… for my blessing… so that I might praise Him.

Gail Beach

Gail trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to be her Savior as a child of 9. Since then He has brought her on a journey of good times and bad. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has taught Sunday School most of her adult life to young women. Her desire is to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of her Lord. She and her husband Mark are commended to the work of Everyday Publications, Inc.

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  1. Sherri Jason

    Thanks for these thoughts Gail. I’m sure there are many blessings that we miss because we are focused on ourselves. The wind reminds me of the Holy Spirit and I sometimes miss the blessing of His presence in my life when I am focused on how uncomfortable He makes me when I am feeling convicted of sin in my life. Good to be reminded of the tremendous blessings the Lord has given to us!

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